Quick Start Guide

How to load film?

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 Pro tips

  • When you wind the film, watch the wheel on the top of the camera rotate. If it doesn't rotate when you wind the camera, that means the film sprockets have caught on, and the film is still in the cannister!
  • ADVANCED TIP: When you pull the film out of the cannister, try to pull as little as you can to catch on to the sprockets. This way you might be able to squeeze in an extra shot on your roll! But only do this after you have master the first tip!  

How to shoot?

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Pro tips:

  • Only wind the film right before you shoot!
  • Make sure your finders don't cover the lens of the camera!
  • Make sure the subject is at least 1m away, otherwise photos will be blurry.
  • Avoid shooting at night and indoors. Otherwise photos will be dark. (So make sure there is plenty of light around when you shoot, as this camera has no flash.)


How to unload film?

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Pro tips:

  • Dont force the lever if you feel the film is stuck. Double check if the button on the bottom is pressed.

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